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I’m going to start by telling you about a little movie that Mother loves, “When in Rome”. In the movie there is a fountain in Rome where you toss your coin into it trying to find true love…The Fountain of Love. Well, knowing ahead of time there are hundreds of fountains in Rome we looked it up to see if it existed since Mother really, and I mean REALLY wanted to visit it. Nope, totally made up for the movie. Too bad, we thought. Mother was crushed, but seemed to recover well from that disappointing news. Don’t worry, this will come into play later. LOL

Alright, so first off I want to say arranging ahead of time to have a driver meet us at the airport, great decision. It was actually very affordable and since we were arriving at 8pm we didn’t want the hassle of arriving to an unknown location in the dark either by taxi or metro and then lugging around our luggage trying to find our hotel. And then when we actually arrived at our hotel in the dark of night with our driver, it was nice to have him with us because without him I felt positive I would be ass raped, mugged, and left for dead at the door of the Inn. My gosh, I won’t sugarcoat it. We got out of the car and started walking toward the Inn. The actual Inn is housed inside a huge building, the kind that take up the whole city block, on the 3rd floor. You ring the bell to be let into this portion of the building (filled with apartments and businesses) and then take the lift up to the Inn. Very sketchy looking area, graffiti everywhere, it looked as though we had interrupted a drug deal going on by the way these dudes looked up at us, sirens in the background. I thought I sensed hesitation from our driver as well, fear perhaps? I’m totally cursing Daisy out the whole time, mumbling under my breath threatening her life. How the HELL could she pick out this hotel?! What was she thinking?

We finally make it upstairs and I will admit the room was gorgeous and came with free WiFi. But nope, not worth getting murdered over. No way. I was scared for my life. No joke, my heart was beating a mile a minute. Immediately I hop onto the WiFi trying to find a more suitable place and decide to check out reviews on this place while I’m online. Well, I will admit now I was being stupid. One of the first reviews said “ignore your initial reaction, it is a perfectly safe and great part of town. You will realize this in the morning.” And we did realize this when we woke up the next morning. We couldn’t have stayed in a better location. Great food just downstairs with amazing pizza, a gelato place across the street, awesome shopping nearby (next time I’m only bringing an empty suitcase and clean undies and bras :-D ), and the metro just outside the door. And very SAFE. :-D Fantastic! So to clarify, it looks seedy but it’s not. Unfortunately much of Rome is covered in graffiti so it’s something you just need to accept. And at night perhaps everything just looks scary to me.

Alright, so onto our time spent in Rome. AMAZING!!! The Colosseum, the Forum, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, the Vatican…we did it all. It was such a surreal experience, visiting all these places we read about in books, we see on TV, in the movies. To be walking amongst the ruins of a a long gone civilization…to imagine being back in that moment in time. We visited Vatican City (and I didn’t burst into flames as Kenny had feared :-P ) and I must admit it was more interesting than I’d imagined. One thing I didn’t know beforehand is that the Vatican museums have an amazing collection of many of Rome’s artifacts. Absolutely beautiful and stunning pieces of art and sculptures.

Sitting on the Spanish Steps was a nice break after all the walking we’d done one particular day. As you’re walking down the road and see the steps in front of you you’re anticipating sitting on what really are just steps. But at the same time they’re not just steps . Either way, nice break for our poor tired feet, and really freakin’ cool if I say so myself.

This kid in the picture was with a group of people, perhaps his class, and he kept holding the flag up to get the attention of the rest of his group. I thought it was so funny because everywhere we went in Europe, yes everywhere, the Canadians were there. They’re taking over the world, I tell you. So anyway, I thought it would be cool to get a picture of him for my brother-in-law, Sean. He’s from Canada, my sister Alma’s husband, and I thought they’d get a kick out of it…a Canadian flag on the Spanish Steps in Rome? My mother went over and asked him if we could take a picture and the guy was a good sport about it. :-)

They were everywhere!!

So remember how I told you that movie and its fountain would come into play somewhere on our trip? I cannot count how many times Mother brought up that stupid fountain. After every single place we visited, after every meal, when she woke in the morning, when she put her head down on the pillow, when she took a piss…

“When are we going to the Fountain of Love?”
“Mother, we already told you, the fountain doesn’t exist.”
“Well, why would they make a movie out of it if it doesn’t exist?”
“‘Cause that’s what movies do, Mother. Sorry, but we are going to visit the Trevi Fountain.”

Every single time this conversation occurred she acted surprised, as if we hadn’t already told her 100 times before. AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! I think she brought it up again on the drive to the airport leaving Germany. Good God, woman. LOL Ugh!

Look at her here, though. Doesn’t she look so happy?


So, yes, our trip was amazing. Rome is absolutely beautiful, the history, the energy…it screams romance, family, love, fun. It is Europe. Yes I am going back one day. I have to…I dropped my coin in the fountain. :-P

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And for your viewing pleasure…a video I made of our trip around Europe. Enjoy! :-D

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