I love my surro-families…

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Let me start by explaining that title real quick for those of you not in the surrogate community. It’s a fun, cheesy little thing we do. A pseudo adjective if you will, that we add before things having to do with our surrogate lives. Yeah, I said cheesy, but I mean it affectionately. I really do like it and truthfully it works best sometimes as there’s no other way to quickly describe whatever the heck it is we’re trying to describe. I have three “surrobabies”, three babies I gave birth to via surrogacy for three awesome and amazing parents. See? Quicker. :-)

So back to my first statement. I love my surro-families. I mean like real love…part of my family, my very close circle of friends, people I cannot imagine not having in my life. It’s funny how that happens in this process. It starts off as a business arrangement and turns into this amazing, beautiful thing. Now I hope that didn’t turn off many of you reading this as I’ll explain it a little bit better. While our hearts are in this from the beginning to help a (sometimes) stranger grow their family, to carry their child with the most absolute care…the truth is it is business at first. I am agreeing and abiding to someone else’s wishes to carry their child. I sign a contract and I promise these people I will do everything in my being to carry their child(ren) as I would my own. These lovely parents to be put all their trust and hopes into us to do this for them. And we do…because we love growing families. Whether they be our own or someone else’s, we love it.

But then it happens, and it happened with me almost immediately with both surrogate journeys. I fell in love with some amazing men. Sounds funny, right? They’re not my husband and I fell in love with them. And not in a creepy stalker way. LOL The matching process we went through matches us up perfectly with the type of journey we want (singleton or twins, lots of contact or little contact, etc etc) but sometimes you have to work at finding other common interests. Not with my guys. And it wasn’t just with me, it happened with my husband as well. We just clicked. For example we share a love of travel and food, silly sitcoms and scary movies, and we all want the same things for our children. Of course these are just a very few of the many things we have in common.

And while we share all the fun things and the good times, we’ve shared the fears and sometimes tragic moments. With my surro-families I’ve shared the extreme highs with them (their babies being born) and then moments that I wish had never happened. We’ve laughed, had moments of silence, cried and held each other. Our hugs and kisses are filled with so much affection and it’s never forced for the sake of the surrogacies. And that’s why I love them.

I’m so very lucky to have been a part of them becoming parents. I am so very lucky to be able to still have relationships with them. I love talking via email, texts, skype with my guys and getting pictures of their beautiful families. And it means the world to me that I’ve had the opportunity to visit them. They’re not nearby at all but they’ve welcomed my family into their lives and have opened their homes to us.

I love my surro-families…three awesome daddies, three adorable little babies.


I received that picture of the beautiful Viktoria the other day when I was out of town visiting these adorable little boys.


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