The twins are here!!!

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Five days before delivery. :-)

They sure are. While it happened very fast and ended up in a c-section, the actual labor and delivery story was not as scary and eventful as my night of pre-term labor a few weeks back (Part 1 and Part 2). I went in Sunday night for what I thought were minor issues. However, the doctor on call (my doctor’s partner in practice) decided it was best I go in and get monitored in the hospital. As it turned out I was actually having regular contractions which I really wasn’t feeling much of at all, 5-7 minutes apart. I was in for the night. By the time 3am rolled around my contractions were much stronger and anywhere from 2-7 minutes apart. Once again, it felt like true labor. Bummer. :-(

And just in case that wasn’t interesting enough, Baby B was now presenting alternating his foot and bum over my cervix. Really little guy? Baby A was head down Sunday night but ended up flipping again (as he often did) once more right before delivery so he, too, was breech. These little guys seriously need to start their gymnastics training ASAP as they’re absolute naturals. :-) I was able to see my doctor (who I love and was glad to see) first thing Monday morning. After discussion and review of all my tests, etc a decision was made. C-section it was and scheduled so quickly. I was told around 7am we were scheduled for 12:30pm. Being that this was my 5th pregnancy and I’ve been known to progress rather quickly in labor this was unfortunately the smartest decision. I’d been keeping their daddy updated but did not expect this. I had really thought I was going home when I went in Sunday night. What did this mean for their dad? He was going to miss the birth of his little boys. :-( There was no way he could make it until after 6pm. I felt horrible. Luckily, though, we’d planned for this and were ready for this possibility.

Note to surrogates…we all hope for the best. We stay positive and we know, we just know that we will have the perfect delivery and that our intended parents will be present for their baby’s birth. However, it is imperative that you plan for the “just in case”. Have all your IP’s insurance info ready to go for the baby. I’d had all this info and it made this portion easy peasy (as things were moving quickly) when they needed it. Also be sure you know what the parents want as far as feeding issues go, breast milk or formula. Have your bag packed with copies of all those important legal papers we surrogates need in there as well. Birth plan? Of course we have our lovely wish list of what a perfect delivery will be like, but do not forget to include the other unique circumstances in our surrogacy journeys. Discuss, discuss, discuss with your intended parents ahead of time, surrogates. Please…it is very important. Okay, I’ll stop rambling on that subject. :-)

So off to the OR I went at 12:30. Okay, so I’m not complaining and I will not get into a vaginal vs. c-section debate but I will say this…I always “knew” I’d have a vaginal delivery with these boys. I thought I was doing everything right. I was a spinning babies queen, learning and practicing as much as I could. I was active up to the point of my pre-term labor. I felt I did everything I was supposed to do. But these little guys had another plan. I did not want a c-section, I hated this. I absolutely hated this. But here is where I needed to let it all go. I was having a c-section and I needed to accept it. Once again, my doula was amazing with this. I was scared, I felt like a failure, and I hated that these little guys were coming early. I still feel that way. But the most important thing is and was that these boys came into this world healthy and I needed to let my own personal fears and feelings aside. My lovely doula, April, was with me in the OR and she was absolutely amazing. She kept me focused on all the positive and important things. I cannot say how much I am extremely grateful to her for this.

And then they were born. At 1313 and 1314 on 6 August 2012 both little boys made their grand entrance into our lovely world and officially made their daddy a Dad. 5lb 7oz each…how cool! Hearing their cries (wow, the lungs on those boys :-) ) was an amazing sound. And when I was finally greeted with their lovely little faces…words cannot describe. Aren’t these little guys amazing?

Daddy finally made it to the hospital shortly after 6pm. My husband, Kenny, of course being the amazing support he has always been, rushed him right over from the airpot. Let me just real quick brag on Kenny. Amazing, just freakin’ amazing. He’s done so much throughout the whole pregnancy, helping me, helping daddy to twins, playing taxi, rushing around running last minute errands, etc…seriously, to me and to twins’ daddy Kenny has been not only what we needed but peace of mind as we knew with him we were well taken care of. I love that man. Alright, I’m done gushing. LOL

Daddy and twins finally met and he could not be happier. He’s fallen in love and seeing them together has been beyond words. I’ve been lucky and blessed to be part of this wonderful journey in their lives. I am humbled and honored to have been included, even in a small way, in helping to build this family. Seeing daddy and twins together has truly made (besides having my own children, of course) my life more complete.

A little update on the boys…while the first two days of the twins’ lives they needed no NICU, Baby B has had to go to NICU afterall. A week at the shortest, 2 weeks at most, for feeding and heating issues. Although he continues to thrive and look better each day, he still needs some extra time to catch up. We are very lucky and relieved, though, to know he is in one of the best NICUs. Daddy took Baby A back home to get him settled and started on his new schedule at home. He will be returning in a few days to be with little man in NICU. Kenny & I have been given privileges of visiting Baby B in the NICU and for that I am extremely thankful. It makes me sad that he is there, but I feel better knowing we can see him as much as we want and need. While they both continue to do well and thrive, please keep these little boys in your thoughts so their time apart and away from their dad is short lived. Thank you all so much. :-)

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