My night in labor and delivery…(Part 2)

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The next morning I’m greeted to the same news. Contractions are now more regular at about every 4 minutes and they’re intense. I’ve begun to feel them in my back now and I’m now 3cm, 80% effaced. Again, we all know that’s not bad by itself. However, we are talking contractions on top of a progression. The night before I’d been given a steroid shot for the babies lungs and procardia to relax my uterus. Another dose of procardia and I finally get to see my doctor face to face. We’re planning on delivery today. Why so fast, you wonder. Those of you who have experienced labor just know that feeling, right? Everything I was feeling, seeing, experiencing felt like the real thing. Hour by hour things picked up and there was no let up. Cutie pie little twins, though, were getting along great in there. Ultrasound showed them playing along just fine, heart rates nice and strong.

I called up my IF and let him know the news…it looked like the day had come. He quickly started to arrange travel. I called Kenny and let him know and gave him a list of things I needed from home. We speak with the head doctor of NICU next and he explains how babies will be cared for. Outcome sounds great for babies, of course, but the reality would be at least a month in NICU. :-(

Of course the next call was my doula. She’s wonderful, I just want to get that part said right now. Amazing lady. She had been up with a client all night before and when I called her she came right over. She stayed with me, helped me through coming to terms with a c-section (I’ve never had one), forced me to relax when I felt like I should be calling/texting family updates. Her gentle touch (not aggressive in forcing me to do anything) and her company was beyond helpful. I honestly don’t feel I would have done well all alone there at all. She is amazing and I’m telling you right now…if you have never thought of having a doula for yourself, I strongly encourage you to put some real thought into it. 4 prior births I’ve never had one and now on my fifth pregnancy I can only say why not always…LOL Seriously, I love her. Thank you, April!

So here’s where it starts to get weird. We’re holding off for 6:30pm so we can get another steroid shot in for the babies’ lungs. Contractions strong (procardia, why aren’t you working?!) and still very regular but no more progression. Woohoo! I’m happy about that. My doctor had said we’d be going by that so that’s wonderful news. We can wait longer. But it’s a waiting game which makes it that much more nerve-wracking. A few hours later and again nothing’s going on as far as progression but these damn contractions just will not let up. Procardia and steroids again and then it happens…finally. Contractions begin to ease up. Oh, procardia…I’m so sorry I doubted you. Although I was still getting contractions 4-7 minutes apart, their intensity had definitely eased up. I mean seriously eased up. There were times the machine picked them up and I felt nothing. Irregular contractions began, 4-10 minutes apart, I was only actually feeling a very few intense ones. It was all so surreal. From so much to almost nothing now. We finally got the news that things were okay for me to go home. Now remember, this was all over a full day so it really wasn’t all that quick. LOL So I’m going home? Really? It just didn’t feel real.

So again, I’m sure (just like me) you’re left wondering what happened. I don’t know. LOL These babies I guess decided to put us all through a trial run. I wish I could truly explain how very much I felt it was going to happen. It all came on so quick and so intense I felt from past labors that this was real. There was no denying at the time the babies were going to be born. And now I sit here feeling ecstatic that babies stayed put, but completely and totally paranoid now. Up until Monday my pregnancy has been a normal twin pregnancy. A little more tired and achy from the normal pregnancy toll on the body, but otherwise perfectly healthy with no restrictions. I take it easy when needed, but I still continued on with normal life, resting when fatigue or aches told me to stop. I was active, still enjoying the gym and family fun with the kiddos during the summer. Now I’m on modified bed rest with a nice list of restrictions. Thankfully the kids are being super helpful and Kenny has just been amazing, of course. He deserves a medal for all the rushing, planning and support he’s given me.

So what now? Twins’ daddy is back in NY and I take it easy, be lazy (which is hard but of course I’m doing it), and I see my doctor on Monday. I am still having contractions but they’re no longer regular. My doctor says that could keep up until the babies decide to come (again? :-) ). That is just something I’ll have to relax about (so as not to stress) but at the same time be sure to pay special attention to. So if you made it through all that I applaud you. LOL But seriously, thank you all so much for your support. You have no idea how great it felt that if babies were meant to come that they were in a fabulous hospital and that so many people were thinking of these little guys in my tummy. Thank you!! :-)

A little present for you guys that read through all that. LOL I took this yesterday, 31 weeks with twins :-)

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  • Simi says:

    Phew! I’m so glad you were able to shut that Labor Train down! Stay put for a few more weeks, twins.

  • Rebekah says:

    HOLY MOLY!! What an eventful experience for you! I am SO happy your dr.’s waited and things ended up settling down – I can’t help but wonder if something similar could have happened for me with the girls I carried when I went to the hospital in labor. So glad those two get more time to bake!! :) Hope you can find ways to stay comfortable and not too bored while on bedrest while you countdown the remaining weeks ’til they arrive!! :)

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