My night in labor and delivery…(Part 1)

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First off, I want to say thank you to everyone for all your wonderful thoughts, prayers, well wishes, and awesome energy sent the way of these lovely little twins I’m carrying. It was scary, we were nervous and just knowing these little guys were in a great hospital and that so many people were thinking of them…that was just amazing. Thank you! Also I’m typing all this out and I apologize if it gets long and wordy. I really needed to both write it all out for me to see later (while it’s still fresh on my mind) and hopefully to share with others that may experience the same.

So what happened, right? I still don’t know. Monday I came home from a rather long doctor’s appointment (2 hours) and decided to skip the gym and picked the kiddos up some lunch. I’d already had to miss aquaerobics earlier that day because it was rained out so why not finish the day in a lazy way. :-) During lunch I started feeling braxton hicks coming and going and figured it must have been the uncomfortable monitoring appointment from earlier in the day. Now I’m going to throw in something that could totally be a coincidence but starting Friday (we’re on Monday) I’d started feeling icky. I know, LOL, not a fabulous word to describe how you feel but it’s the only way I can describe it. Slight muscle soreness, tired, just not 100%. I’ll admit it was slowing me down considering I had felt tip top until then. So upstairs I go after lunch to try to relax on my cool, awesome adjustable bed. I love that thing. If you can swing it, get one. It’s been amazing this pregnancy.

I was relaxing on the bed watching TV and reading, still getting BH and decided to start timing then. I figured I’d be confronted with the fact that they’re not regular, I’m just being paranoid and to just chill. Well, they were regular and intensity started to pick up. No longer the BH contractions that just make me pause for a moment, painless. They began to feel like the real thing. Of course I know the rules that my doctors have on me…time then, note intensity, and wait for 4-5 in an hour for 2 hours and call in. 2 hours later I’m in shock that while not regular in spacing I am definitely having contractions every 2-8 minutes with no breaks and intensity picking up.

I call my doctor up thinking he’ll ask me to go into his office to get strapped back onto the NST machine for some monitoring. Nope…he wants me to head straight to Labor and Delivery. That’s when it hit me. Please don’t let this be the real thing. It’s too soon. I’m only 31 weeks. But that’s exactly it…I’m 31 weeks with twins and it’s a whole different ballgame when it comes to a twin pregnancy. They tell you (and you know this, of course) that each pregnancy is different. But multiples is a whole other story. I called my husband and luckily he’s already on his way home (very early for him, he usually is headed home much later). I’d told him earlier that I was having contractions and put him on “alert”. But honestly, other than the contractions and the nerves and knowing it’s early…physically I felt fine. Perhaps that’s why it just didn’t feel real while at the same time feeling a little too real. I realize that description doesn’t make sense, but it’s just what was running through my head.

We get to the hospital and valet the car (no parking available near L&D, what the heck!) and head in, get checked in, settle into the triage area, get hooked up to different machines and there I am just waiting and desperately hoping to hear “Ma’am, you’re fine. You just have gas.” Seriously, that’s all I wanted to hear. Unfortunately, though, I’m watching the machine and these contractions are only getting stronger and now I have confirmation on that roll of paper…2-4 minutes apart and I’m hurting. I’ve obviously labored 4 times before this and it felt even that early on while I was laying there that it was time. I’m only 1 cm dilated, 60% effaced but having such strong contractions so close locks me in for at the very least a night of monitoring at the hospital. An ultrasound (both babies breech), a few lab tests later and I’m finally wheeled off to my home for the night in a private room in labor and delivery.

I’d already let my IF (daddy to the twins) know what was going on and I was keeping him updated. We were waiting to hear how things went that night and see what my doctor thought before we decided what to do. Should he stay put in NY or come straight away? So we waited. I settled in for a long, lonely night in L&D (Kenny had to go home to be with the kiddos). I got maybe 2 hours of totally interrupted sleep. I was nervous, scared and extremely uncomfortable. Contractions were not letting me rest and of course all the thoughts and what ifs running through my head. As nervous as I was I could only imagine how nerve-wracking it was for my poor IF. Morning could not come soon enough.

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