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I am 26 weeks pregnant this week. Wow, time flies by and yet it seems to be crawling at the same time. I feel like a full termer, but not even close. I’ve been very lucky to have had a very healthy pregnancy thus far with just annoying aches and pains to contend with, which is not a bad thing at all considering being pregnant with twins has been tough. Not complaining at all, just telling it like it is. Your body changes so quick and your belly gets big so fast that it just throws your body totally off kilter. My balance (or lack thereof LOL) has been affected and these little guys growing nice, healthy and strong have played quite a mean trick on my back. :-)

I do love to feel these little guys playing around in there, though. It’s so much fun getting a feel for them (ha…pun intended), their little personalities and seeing how healthy they are on a daily basis. I’ve nicknamed them Ricky & Stephen. I hated calling them Baby A & Baby B so I nicknamed them after Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. I was watching them on TV once weeks back when I felt them both on the outside of my belly for the first time. And right now those little nicknames seem to fit. Stephen‘s just a bit bigger than Ricky and I’m telling ya, Ricky‘s a bit of an instigator and likes his presence to be known. LOL Stephen does like to invade Ricky‘s space which I feel is his little way of saying “don’t mess with me.” :-P

School’s out and the kids are in full summer mode. Unfortunately I’ve found that my body just isn’t letting me keep up with the kiddos as much as I’d like. We were at Costco last week and I couldn’t even hang…how sad is that? LOL Luckily for me Costco had some nice, comfy lawn chairs set up just for me to chill on…or maybe for show. Who cares, right? It worked out just fine for my mid-shopping break.

As for summers in our household, usually we just head down to the Valley to enjoy time with cousins and my sister. However, being that I’ve reached a certain timeframe in my contract (can’t travel out of the local area) we’re stuck in San Antonio for the summer so I’ve needed to become better acquainted with fun summer activities here in town. Just looking at our full summer, though, and three kids who need to stay active made my body wince. How was I going to keep up? Of course I was going to continue “to do” but I knew I’d need some help so my poor kids didn’t have to be held back. But check this out, I hit the jackpot, ladies and gentlemen…I was able to find an amazing “mommy’s helper” in the form of a college boy off for the summer. He’s the son of a good friend of mine and let me tell you…he’s wonderful. His sister just happens to be the kids’ favorite babysitter, but being that she’s unavailable this summer his mother suggested we speak with him to see if he was up for it.

The kids and I met with him and decided to go forward with our trial run at Sea World. So yesterday the younger two kiddos and our new friend went off to see how he was with the kiddos on an actual outing. Oh…my…gaw…he was fabulous! Collin & Cam loved him…they went out and did a lot of great stuff at the park that I just couldn’t keep up with at all. So having my new helper really does take that pressure off me and makes me feel better that the kids will get to still enjoy their summer despite my stupid back holding me back. :-) Seriously, if you’re able to find a trustworthy and active helper to make things easier on you while you’re pregnant…take advantage of that opportunity. As I said, I’m still going to get out there. But for those times that I can’t it’s great to know the kids have someone fun to take them around.

Alright, so I’ve babbled on long enough about all that so I’ll end with last week’s naked belly shot. It’s kind of scary. It’s a “sorta bikini shot”. I wanted to make sure my swimsuit would fit for our many Sea World outings (year passes, uh-huh :-) ) and decided to just make that my weekly belly shot for my wonderful IF. I think I’ve spoiled him. I send him one every week.

Done laughing at me? Good… :-P Quick, funny story before I finish today. I opted for a full top yesterday because I didn’t want to scare anyone. Yeah, totally going to go back to the bikini top you see up there next time. I don’t care who I scare anymore being that I still got a few concerned stares with the full top. It was just too hot and uncomfortable. But I digress…walking around Sea World yesterday I made some eyes bulge. Not quite sure if it was the twins up top or the twins in the belly making poor folks worry that I may go into labor there at the waterpark. Seriously, I’m that big. LOL Either way I think some people thought one set of them twins was going to be popping out yesterday. And just in case you don’t believe I’m that big, I got to leave the park via the “special exit”…the gate the guard opened especially for me so I didn’t have to go through the turnstile. Ugh! Just call me fat why don’t you, mister? :-P

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