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I know I’ve been MIA for a bit but honestly…I just feel like I had nothing new to share. I’m getting bigger and bigger everyday, and still pretty darned fatigued. Iron pills were finally introduced into my daily routine and I must admit they’ve made a huge improvement on my energy levels. Instead of wanting to lay around and sleep away the whole day, I only feel that way for half the day. LOL But seriously, I do try to take advantage of those moments where I’m not feeling like a complete zombie. Unfortunately I’m not being the most productive mommy right now. But hey, at least the kids are getting fed and the house doesn’t look like a complete wreck. :-P

Check me out this week :-)

A couple of weeks ago my IF visited us here in San Antonio so we could have the anatomy ultrasound, tour the hospital, and so he could meet my OB. It was a great but short visit. Luckily Kenny was in town the first morning so we were able to enjoy breakfast together before we began our day. I loved watching my IF at our ultrasound appointment. It was his first chance with his very own eyes to see his little boys (no having to wait for me to email/text pictures). We also took a tour of labor and delivery at the hospital which I must admit was very nice. I delivered Viktoria at a different hospital, smaller, and I fell in love with it there. I was nervous because the hospital I’m delivering at this time is much bigger and I felt we’d lose some of that small hospital, intimate charm. The nurses and staff definitely put my mind at ease. My IF and I are also hoping they have one of those super nice, pimped out suites available for him and the babies when I deliver. There’s no bribing anyone to get one of those rooms…it’s first come basis. Bummer!

And yeah, I know…I’m fired. I completely forgot to take a picture of us together while he was here. By the time I remembered we needed a picture, we were on the way to the airport and it was too late. :-( I suck, yeah.

Transition time…transition time…awkward and nonsensical transitioning going on here…

My IF’s visit was definitely something I’d been looking forward to for awhile there. But when that visit had passed I was very lucky to have another awesome event to look forward to. What was this amazing event, you’re asking? TOM PETTY IN CONCERT!!!!! YES!! If you know me in real life you know about my insane freakish love for Tom Petty. My beautiful sister and I were very lucky to take a fun adventure two years ago to Washington state to see Tom Petty in concert. It was an amazing trip and lots of sister fun. You can check out a video I made of our trip here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hgQl7tq8R0

As much fun as that was, I really didn’t think that could be topped. But I must say this past weekend’s concert definitely took the cake for us. One fun addition was we were lucky to have been able to enjoy the concert with our husbands this time (our last trip was just the two of us). I think another element of excitement came in not knowing where our seats were until we showed up, too. We’d purchased VIP premium tickets which adds some cool stuff to our package, however, it also involves being completely blind to what our seats are until we show up the day of concert. Aaaahhhh!!! Insane! But when we got our tickets that day we were surprised to see third row center for the four of us. We were in heaven, yes…hearts pounding and nervous giggling ensued between Alma and me.

Excuse the picture, bad lighting was our foe that evening.
Alma & I

So what can I say about that night? I won’t bore you with the rest of the details since odds are you’re not huge freak fans like my sister and me. LOL I do want to say, though, that I am still flying high from that night. I love that we are slowly working are way up in rows, closer to the stage. One day we’ll be front row, Alma. I promise! :-) The energy, Mr. Tom Petty himself, sharing the night with our husbands…all of it. Beyond words. And one cool little factoid I want to share with you. This is the second time I’ve seen the man while I was pregnant as a surrogate. I was pregnant with Viktoria for our Washington trip and now the Austin concert with twins. Haven’t figured out which is my good luck charm to whom…babies to Tom Petty or Tom Petty to babies. :-P Perhaps it’s all of the above.

To check out my Tom Petty concert pics, click here. Sorry they aren’t the best pictures. As I mentioned, light was our enemy.

Kenny videoed this for me. Tom Petty peforming…enjoy. :-)

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