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Okay, so let me just get this out of the way. My tip from me to you learned on this leg of the trip. Do not, I repeat, do not wear cute shoes when you’re planning on doing lots of walking. Yeah, I know it sounds like it goes without saying but I’m including those cute shoes you’ve worn before that you know you’re fine in. I brought my amazingly hot knee high black leather boots with the chunky 2 inch heel. I thought the fact that the heel was thick and I’d worn them plenty of times out dancing, etc and that they are quite comfortable would make them okay. Nope. Not at all. Tourist walking on European streets and sidewalks for hours and hours will KILL your feet. Barcelona was the only time I was able to comfortably wear my beautiful boots. Yeah, my beautifully just pedicured feet weren’t quite so cute to look at after that first day. :-( Alright, moving on…

We arrived into Girona Airport early that first morning. We exited the terminal and bought our bus tickets to take the one hour bus ride into Barcelona. Pay careful attention into what airport you’re flying into, ladies and gentlemen. This will come into play later. Off we go. We’re tired, oh so tired but excitement and the general lack of trust amongst strangers prevents me from sleeping on bus. We hop off the bus at the main bus terminal and walk the 15 minutes to our hotel. What can I say about our hotel? It was in a great location, central to all we wanted to see and the room was actually very nice. European hotel rooms are MUCH smaller than American hotel rooms, we were ready for that. But we actually got a pretty decent sized room. 3 beds, nice bathroom, and of course the bidet which I have a weird habit of taking pictures of. :-P No picture here as I deleted it after being made fun of.

Barcelona is a beautiful city. The timing of our trip was oh so perfect. It was nice and cool, high 40s low 50s which makes for great walking weather. Barcelona is really about viewing from outside, not an inside kind of city. But I will tell you this. As beautiful as it was, we really could have done it all in one day. So remember that when you make your plans.

Our first stop of the day was La Sagrada Familia. Absolutely gorgeous! We walk up and immediately start taking it all in. Dreamed up by Gaudi himself, you can definitely appreciate his style of architecture. We’d decided ahead of time we weren’t interested in going inside and when we saw the line waiting to go in, we were very happy for that. Just sitting there, though, and staring at the church will make your jaw drop for sure.

Next on our list was Casa Batlló, another jewel from Gaudi. Again, as you walk up to this beautiful building you just cease to speak, draw your beath in and gawk at her magnificense. The man knew how to design and get a reaction, that is for sure.

Next…the beach. OMG! There was a naked man on the beach. Yes, a naked man on the beach!! You’re probably thinking to yourself “Well, duh. It’s Europe.” No, no, no. There was a naked OLD man on the beach in the COLD. OLD and COLD naked are not GOOD naked. Oye…so why then were Daisy and Mother constantly trying to take a picture of the guy? Yeah, they were trying to be discreet, too, snapping pics of one of us positioned in just the right spot. Mmmm-hmmmmm. No dice. LOL But the beach was beautiful and well…I just love the beach so that’s all. :-P

Las Ramblas. Okay, so I’d read about this area beforehand. I knew it was just a touristy little niche of Barcelona, but we still knew we had to visit. So what is there to say about it. Honestly? Eh. I get it’s a great party locale (in the middle of the night) but I gotta tell you we could have skipped it. The only intersting thing about it was this weird guy floating on a stick.

Day 2-La Boqueria. I LOVED this place. Yes, it’s just a market but there’s something about the energy there that sucks you in. Aisles and aisles and mounds and mounds of fresh produce, meats, cheeses, seafood, fruit smoothies, fruit cut up ready to grab and go, fresh foods made to order, etc, etc. OMG, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. To calm our tummies down after exiting the market we quickly plunked our tushies down in a nearby restaurant to fill our bellies. I’d never had paella before and of course never had squid ink anything so I ordered up some arroz negro. O-M-G, that is some good shtuff. Mother got the regular paella (she picked out all the octopus, LOL) and Daisy, I’m totally calling you out, ordered eggs with a pork chop was it? But kidding aside, the food was fantastic.

Did you know that Barcelona has its very own Arc de Triomf? Well shut up, I didn’t. :-P After yelling at Daisy that she was wrong and ridiculing her for mixing up our itineraries, I was confronted with the proof, a beautiful Arc de Triomf. And okay, I’m saying it one more time. I’m sorry, Daisy, for being such a major bitch to you when I thought you got the itineraries mixed up. Gawww…you happy now? :-P

Barcelona, beautiful, gorgeous, wish you were here…and now off to the airport early the next day. After a brief scare/mini-heart attack given to Daisy by Mother (she hid her passport…OMG, that was funny), we hop on the bus and ride the 7am bus to the airport. These early mornings are becoming the norm for us. An hour’s ride on the bus, we exit with our luggage, roll into the terminal, take out our tickets and begin to look for our ticket counter. Where is it? We look at the counters before us, walk around, read the signs and don’t see EasyJet anywhere.

Well, hello there, information lady. Where do we find EasyJet?

Information lady stares at us and then proceeds to ruin our morning.
Why there’s no EasyJet at THIS airport (idiots, she’s thinking), you need to go to Barcelona International.”

WHAT?! You mean THE Barcelona Airport that’s only 15 minutes from the city (she informs us while stifling a laugh) and not this one which is over an hour away? Well F— me up and down the road 10,000 times. We were at the wrong freakin’ airport.

So, ladies and gentlemen, pay special attention to where you’re flying in and out of ALWAYS. In all our research it never even dawned on me to even THINK there was more than one aiport that serviced this (what I thought) small area. And cross check with your traveling buddies. Daisy had made traveling arrangements into Barcelona, I made them going out. So…we quickly throw our crap into a taxi, told the cabbie to step on it and off we go trying to make our flight which is in one hour. I will give this to our cab driver. He was fast.

45 minutes later we get to Barcelona International, run into the terminal (flight still hasn’t left yet) and run up to the counter only to be stalled by the freakin’ Partridge family. Oh, and they each have 2 suitcases to check. NOOOOOOOO!!! 10 minutes later we finally work our way around these fools to another agent and she tells us to run very fast to our gate, we can still make it. You’ve seen those movies, you might have even witnessed it in person, those crazy people sprinting to the gate…that was us. Running, getting naked to go through security, total chaos on our end. We collect our belongings from the bins and run run run to the gate.

All for nothing. Security is already standing there along with the airline agent telling two Japanese guys who’d probably just run like their asses were on fire, too, that they cannot get on the plane. The plane is sitting there, still at the gate. But once they’ve closed the aircraft door you’re shit out of luck. Damn! Damn, damn, damn!!! We missed our flight. :-(

I won’t bore you with the rest of the details, but we were able to catch a flight 4 hours later. And after our crazy, hurried morning we were able to sit and enjoy the silence of Barcelona Airport.

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