A Taste of Rome

Posted by Dalia on September 13, 2011 in Food, Travel |

I had one of the tastiest and most simple sandwiches in the world when I visited Rome with my sister and mother. I saw these sandwiches everywhere there was food to go. It seemed to be a very easy sandwich to grab and munch on while going about your business. I do realize this sandwich can probably be found all over the US, too. Since I don’t visit delis or sandwich shops I’ve personally never come across this exact combo before.

But let me tell you, it was all kinds of yummy and like I said before…simple. For me, however, that’s the catch. When something is that simple I feel it must be a trick, deception, actually quite intimidating. Okay, not intimidating. I exaggerate. But I did think it would be difficult to recreate. Why? It was the salami. I have tasted some gnarly salamis before and I was afraid I wouldn’t find the right one. The problem I find is that the ones I’ve tried taste way too fatty. You’re saying to yourself “Well what’s salami without the fat?” Oh, I get THAT. I just don’t like chewing on a piece that TASTES like it’s all fat. Yuck! It also couldn’t be overwhelmingly pepper. So I looked and looked and what would you know, I found the perfect salami. It tastes exactly like I had from that cafe in Rome. Perfection. You’ll laugh at its name, too, it’s so funny. Italian Dry Salame. Yup. That’s it. LOL

So do you want to try out this extremely easy and absolutely yummy sandwich. Alright, let’s get to it.

What you’ll need:
Italian Dry Salame
One boiled egg, sliced into thin ovals
Two slices white bread (yes, white…do not substitute)
Saran wrap
Cutting board
Heavy pan


Spread a very thin layer of mayo onto each slice. You don’t want to taste it, it’s just that moisture layer. Place salami onto a slice of bread so it’s a one layer (one layer of salami, one layer of egg). Depending on salami and bread size it’ll be about 5 . Now lay sliced egg onto the salami in one layer as well. Wrap sandwich tight in saran wrap.


Place the cutting board on sandwich and put that heavy pan right on top. We’re tightening this baby up. I’m sure this is not how they did it in that cafe I got the sandwich. But the sandwich was so compact when I had it, this is what I felt would replicate it. Leave sandwich under this weight about 10 minutes. In the meantime, make yourself a nice cup of coffee. The two go very well together. :-)

Alright, you’re ready to eat. Unwrap this treat and slice it in half, triangles. Why? Because that’s how I bought it and that’s how I’ll continue to do it. LOL Thanks for humoring me.


Et voila!! I know, wrong language. Cut me some slack, I don’t know Italian. And sorry for the crappy picture. I’m not great at taking all those beautiful food pictures that apparently even my youngest can do better than me. But anyway…there you have it. A very (yeah I’ll admit it…very) simple yet extremely delicious sandwich. Your own little taste of Rome right in your own kitchen. :-)

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