Food…it’s an obsession

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The new school year has started and that means I have become obsessed with food. School lunches, can’t forget Kenny’s lunch, and of course the most important meal of the day…dinner. Oh, you thought it was breakfast? No, sir. It’s dinner and I will tell you why. It’s the only meal of the day that all five of us get to sit down and enjoy together. I tend to obsess over the meals a wee bit during the school year. During the summer when our days are stress free and not as hectic it’s so easy to take our time with meal prep and timing, etc. But during the school year I NEED to be on top of what’s going on in that kitchen.

What’s for dinner?

Here’s the thing…I used to work full time and go to school full time as well. I’ve been home alone while Kenny was deployed, I’ve either just worked or just been a student. And you know what I learned about myself from those periods in my life? I LOVE being here right now. My days revolve around doing the things that I once rushed to do in the evenings or weekends, and now I get to put in an unbelievable amount of thought into our meals. Unfortunately, some would say, that’s turned into an obsession. LOL

I have lists, crazy lists. I have pages bookmarked on my computer, and I just started “pinning” things on Pinterest. Ugh, that’s another post all of its own. I have an e-mealz subscription to help me along when I feel I need more variety and Allrecipes.com is a very good friend of mine as well. I have my handy dandy dry erase board on the fridge with dinners written out for the week so the kids & Kenny don’t have to ask every two minutes what’s on the menu. No, scratch that…they still do. And I have a disgustingly sick plethora of lunch containers for the family. Now that I think about it, maybe I do have too much time on my hands. Who DOES this? I need to get paid for this shit. :-P

My LUNCH CABINET–Full of bento boxes and lunch containers galore

But seriously, there was a point to this strange post. I am hoping as the year progresses to share some successes in the kitchen along with some of the failures as well. I have been cooking for 29 years and I find myself still learning something new everyday. I also plan on recreating some of my favorite dishes. You know those meals you eat at a restaurant or deli, or when you were vacationing and now you’re thousands of miles from that one place that makes the best (fill in the blank), that dinner your best friend’s mom made you that one time you visited her…yeah, those dishes. I hope to be able to recreate some of my favorites and share them with you.

So as you can see I’m going to share a little more of everything. I titled this blog “The Glamorous Life of a Domestic God-DESS ” and I found myself not sharing so much of the domestic part. Well, I am now. The good, the bad, the ugly and the insanely boring at times, too. LOL I’ll try to spice it up and make it amusing. But if I fail…don’t tell me. Just keep reading, chuckling (yes, that is a prerequisite), and tell me I’m a good girl. Wait…wrong blog. :-P

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