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…when I visit the Valley.  I freakin’ love to eat.  I’m really not picky and will eat just about everything, with only a few no-no’s on my list.  But for the most part I do watch what I eat and indulge every once in awhile so as not to deprive and throw myself into a feeding frenzy when going without my favorites for too long.

When I go to the Valley to visit family, though…forget about it!  I will eat all the crap I miss and love and don’t get to eat very often.  And I do it everyday. Not only that, but when I go down there I don’t exercise and am pretty fucking sedentary.  I like sleeping in and staying up at night and watching scary flicks with my sister.  We have lots of fun but I thought it’d be fun to share with you some of the crap I eat when I visit since I just got back a couple of weeks ago. 


When I visit my my sister we have to feed 7 kids and we have to make tons of food.  These are some delicious sliders I made.  Now this isn’t really “crappy” food, but it just goes to show how much food we make.



Pizza anyone?  Take a look at this giant pizza.  It’s actually bigger than this picture makes it look.  We ordered 3 HUGE ones and I must say it was about the best pizza I’ve had in quite a long time.  I’d say since I was a teenager on the boardwalk in some coastal California town.  Yummmm…


Jello cake.  Yeah…just ’cause.  No, just kidding.  We made it for 4th of July.  But if it hadn’t been we probably still would have made it. LOL



We’d been wanting to visit this cute little cupcake shop that opened up in Harlingen for awhile now.  We said that the next time we were down we’d definitely visit.  Well, we made it to Kay Kito’s and I must say…wow.  They have specials everyday in addition to their usuals.  They had so many yummy choices we took a little bit of everything.  LOL


All the delicious tacos, oh my lord.  Fatty, fatty, somebody please stop me.  I know they don’t look pretty but godDAMN they’re good.  These are beans, chorizo & eggs, and potato & egg. 



SLEEPOVER!!!  We separated up the kiddos between us adults and had a boy sleepover at my sister’s house (her husband handled the boys)  and us girls headed to my mother’s and had our girl sleepover.  Junk food and scary flicks galore.  And of course you can’t have a sleepover without crap to eat.  Cheesy poooooooffffffs!



And last but definitely NOT least…raspas!  I HAVE to have a leche raspa, at least one.  I cannot get a good raspa here in San Antonio, and forget about a leche raspa anywhere else but Harlingen.  Leche means milk but yet the leche raspa does NOT taste like milk, thank goodnesss.  I hate milk.  But the freakin’ leche raspa is amazingly yummy.  Every little raspa stand throughout the Valley has their own recipes for certain flavors but Harlingen Leche is my absolute favorite.  Damn I love those things.  This is so sad to admit but for me and the kids, this is the highlight (besides hanging with the family, of course) of our trips to the Valley.

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