Do you want to hear the good news or the bad news first?

Posted by Dalia on June 4, 2011 in Life, Surrogacy |

The question sucks because no matter how you look at it, there’s bad news. I know that some people like to hear the bad first to get it over and out of the way so they can then finish off with the good news. Like dessert, I suppose. What I don’t like about that, though, is that you don’t get to enjoy the good all by itself for even a second. Once you hear the good you’re still left with the bad you insisted on hearing first.

So I’m a “hear the good news first and enjoy it for a nano second without a care in the world of the bad” kinda gal. Just a second. Give me one little second with no bad.

The good…I received an email from Kevin and the agency yesterday and the egg donor has been medically cleared. Hooray!! It’s now just contracts for her and then we can get that coveted calendar. :-D So perhaps as soon as the next couple of weeks I will be starting meds. Maybe?

I also received an email from Bernard and Xavier. They are in the process of remodeling their flat and are doing great. I remember when they showed me the plans when I visited and how excited they were about it. They already live in an amazing space, and with the remodeling it’s going to be even more amazing. Jealous… :-D They promised to send new pictures soon so I can see how big and gorgeous Viktoria has become. Yay!!

Okay, now let’s savor the good for a moment. Don’t skip ahead to the bad just yet. Enjoying, enjoying…that’s nice.

And now the bad…not life altering at all, but it totally messed with our summer plans and that sucks for now. Clara has to take summer school. I don’t say this to shame or embarrass her, I am simply sharing because it’s going to become quite obvious that our plans for travel are not happening in June as I’d planned. I also share this because life is not always rainbows and sunshine and pink frosted cupcakes with sprinkles. Sometimes it’s a wicked thunderstorm that knocks out your satellite reception in the middle of the season finale of your favorite show or okra for dinner. Not anything that’ll change your life drastically, but enough to ruin your day or week. Or in this case your month.

My beautiful and smart 13 year old girl decided that this year was the year she was going to “do it her way” and screwed around in her classes. The details…that’s between Kenny and I, Clara, her school and the rest of the neighborhood (the bits & pieces they were able to put together during our “conversations” anyway :-P ). So starting on Monday the girl must go to summer school for the entire month of June. Aaaaaannnndddd we have to pay $200 for the privilege of sending her. If you have any fun or inventive forms of punishment, please inbox me. I’d love to hear your ideas. :-P

So yup…my plans of hopping between the Valley and home for the month of June are out the window. I must take her to summer school everyday, lots of driving I hadn’t planned on doing on a daily basis during the summer. Believe it or not, I actually put less miles on the car driving between the Valley and San Antonio during the summer than I do driving the kids to and from school daily. It’s completely insane. So because my daughter decided to screw around, the whole family gets punished.

And don’t start…I realize there are worse things in life. Which is why I’ve compared this to okra for dinner (can you tell I don’t like okra, LOL). We’ll move our travel plans to July and I’ll rethink June for the little ones. I’ll add some books to the Kindle and bring along my library card so I can have something to keep me occupied at the nearby library while Clara’s in class (to cut down on driving back and forth). I’m great at changing plans last minute and being able to go with the flow. It is nice to vent, though. :-P

So instead of those delicous cupcakes I’ve been admiring on Kay Kito’s Facebook Page, it’ll be okra for the rest of the month. No really, why the hell does that shit exist?

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