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Posted by Dalia on May 26, 2011 in Surrogacy |

It is definitely a strange world, the world of gestational surrogacy. Meds, lots of them, can come in either pill form, shots, and in some cases suppositories. And as you can see today’s topic is birth control pills. Yaaaaaaaayyyy!!! :-) There are two reasons why we take them when cycling to be a gestational surrogate. The first is the obvious…so you do not become pregnant with your own child while trying to have someone else’s baby. Not only a major oopsie but also a total breach of contract. The other reason is convenience and ease for the doctor. It helps tremendously in helping to sync up the surrogate and the egg donor so we are on the same cycle for her egg retrieval and then for my transfer. I know the doctors and nurses will give a much better explanation of all that, but really that is the extreme layman’s explanation. Or as I like to say Dalia’s version of things. :-)

So why am I even bothering to bring this up right now? Well for one, I wanted to update y’all on where I was in the process of this surrogacy (still hoping for a July transfer) and of course to complain about my headaches. LOL Let me start off by saying I’m eternally grateful and privileged to be able to do this and I know how lucky I am. However, I wanted to be sure to talk about the stuff that is not always oh so fun so that if some other surrogate feels the same she knows it’s normal or knows she’s not alone. And it’s also nice to just say it, put it out there, and be done with it, too. :-P

But yes, the pill is bothering me at the moment. BCPs are not my normal form of birth control and I’ve always been pretty sensitive to meds in general (funny as I’m a surrogate and that’s what we’re about at first). Extra hormones and Dalia…yeah, we’re not the best of friends. The current pill I’m on, Reclipsen, has been giving me the most intense headaches. Reminds me of the dreaded lupron headaches (coming soon to a theatre near you). I emailed the lovely nurse Maria at Dr. Kolb’s office and last night I spoke with Janeen. So the current course of action is now me being switched to Yaz. I know it may not be be a few days yet but I’m hoping for sweet relief soon. He also prescribed some Tylenol with codeine as what I had here at home just wasn’t cutting it. Being as anti meds as I am (yes, I get the irony) I don’t take pain relief meds unless I am at the point where I feel I can’t function and good lord I’m there. So it’s the pharmacy for me today where I’ll pick up my new BCPs and my Tylenol 3. And some coke, yep. He suggested caffeine and since I’m a huge coffee drinker already and it’s obviously not working I figured why not.

So I’m sitting here now with my breakfast coffee (not working!) and my huge, gigantor glass of cold water updating y’all and thinking about the million things I have yet to do today. Thankfully, though, next week is the kids’ last week of school and I can cut out the 5am wakeup and sleep in ’til the late late hour of 7am for the rest of the summer. I’m so excited! :-P

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